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One Response to Planning

  1. Clive Davies says:

    With regard to the proposed building site on the south side of Lopham Road, I cannot see that this will benefit anybody except the pockets of the developers.
    I fail to see any logic in the idea of putting hundreds of homes in small villages where there are
    hardly any jobs, people will have to commute to areas such as Wymondham, Dereham, Norwich,
    Bury, Ipswich or even Cambridge. In the face of warnings of global warming espoused by our own government it beggars belief that such schemes would even be suggested in today’s climate.
    Take away perfectly good arable land which helps to produce our food and replace it with something that creates a great deal of pollution one way or another.
    The village amenities are already stretched beyond their ability to cope, and surely people who live in the village do so because they don’t want to live in a town, which is exactly what East Harling will become if it continues to expand.
    198 extra properties will produce around 350 extra cars, if not more, and these will all be using the short cuts (rat runs) through the village.
    Anyone who lives on this section of Lopham Road can expect to see the value of their property plummet by many thousands as their southern views will now be just rooftops and windows overlooking their front gardens. The rural outlook will be lost and the nature of ‘modern’ buildings being what they are it will start to look like anywhere else.
    It’s such a shame to see such nice villages turned into suburbia, alas it’s happened so many times all over the country, so I’m all for making a stand against this atrocious plan which is nothing more than a money making scheme by people who don’t even live in Norfolk let alone East Harling.

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