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Information circulated by Norfolk Constabulary, particularly that relating to the Harling and surrounding areas. Please note that these are now supplied as “PDF” files, as some users were having problems viewing earlier posts.


The following is a Police Connect message.

Good Evening all,

Welcome to this week’s rural crime update. Below you will find some advice ref rural crime in the County, should you have any feedback please contact me on the details below.

Firstly let me start by saying a big thank you! Since last week’s Op Randall newsletter we have received lots of calls ref suspicious vehicles, each and every call is followed up and investigated so please keep them coming in!

Below is another vehicle we would like you to keep your eyes peeled for.

Keep your eyes peeled

Distinctive Transit

A distinctive Transit van has been seen acting suspiciously within the South Norfolk area which as you know has suffered several high value agricultural thefts in recent weeks. The vehicle is described as white, down the side of the nearside is a large blacked out window, with a distinctive dark coloured stripe running along part of this side of the van, there are also chevrons on the rear doors. The unknown driver was wearing high vis on the top half of their body.

Please keep your eyes peeled and report any sightings on 101 or direct to DC Andy Brown on 07900 407106. Do not approach any persons with the vehicle, but report their descriptions and registration number as soon as possible.

Don’t forget the Berlingo

A dirty white Berlingo van has been seen on a few occasions in the vicinity of recent burglary non dwellings and trailer thefts. The vehicle has peeling high visibility stripes/chevrons similar to an ex highways vehicle. If you notice this vehicle please note its registration number and report to is on 101 or direct to DC Andy Brown on 07900 407106. Below is a picture of a Berlingo van (this is not the van in question).

Farm Security

DC Andy Brown has visited more farms and is keen to visit more so please give him a bell. Andy has branched out into the farming community actively engaging & helping farmers protect their property and land.

He will offer you some great advice to help protect your livelihoods and also how we can all share information that can ultimately lead to a reduction in rural crime.

If you have any concerns ref metal theft Andy is also our metal theft coordinator and happy to help!

Please contact DC Andy Brown at [email protected] or 07900 407106.

South Norfolk Burglary Non Dwellings Significantly Reduce

You will be pleased to hear that the burglary non dwellings concerning agricultural thefts in the South Norfolk area have significantly decreased. We believe this is due to receiving public calls with information, targeted proactive patrols and members of the community taking better precautions to protect their property. Let’s not fall into complacency however, report anything suspicious to us.


Mark those trailers!

You will be aware of our advice in recent weeks to mark up your trailers as obviously as possible. We continue to urge you to protect your property. Situate your trailers near to CCTV cameras or Wildlife cameras as this may assist us in capturing these offenders and returning your property to you. Secure barns and garages are not a deterrent for these organised criminals, cameras will greatly assist.

Please be vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles or persons to us immediately, obtaining a registration number of a vehicle will help us greatly.

Consider welding the sides of your trailers highlighting your company name or post code for example, in a very obvious place. You could also consider etching or scratching in the same type of information. Please take photos of these markings so in the event of any theft we will have the evidence needed to reunite you with your property if it is found. Take the time this weekend to protect your trailers.

Rural crime updates

Please find information below regarding rural crime in Norfolk from 15th April – 21st April 2016, I am pleased to say there is little rural crime to report.

Burglary other than dwelling

Coltishall – Unknown persons have entered an insecure Church and stolen valuables. The investigation continues.

Newton Flotman – Unknown persons have entered an insecure outbuilding and stolen a ride on lawn mower, hedge cutter and strimmer.

Theft other – None of note

Criminal Damage – None of note

Burglary Dwelling – None of note

Theft from motor vehicle – None of note

Theft of motor vehicle

Burston – Two Land Rover Defenders have been stolen from the owner’s driveway, a window smashed on one of them. The victim disturbed the offenders who made off. This case is currently under investigation.

If you have any information in relation to the above incidents or you have information you would like to see on this newsletter please contact me on the details below

Should you have any concerns or information about rural crime do not hesitate to call us on 101, in an emergency please dial 999. Alternatively, if it is not urgent please forward me an email at [email protected]

Wishing you all a safe weekend


T/Sgt 1494 Horton-Smith

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The following is a Police Connect message.

Weekly crime summary 24 March 2016


Public Enquiry Office opening times over Easter


Norfolk Constabulary is reminding members of the public about opening times over the Easter period of all Public Enquiry Offices (PEOs).

The PEOs will be open as normal apart from Good Friday 25 March and Easter Monday 28 March.

Anybody wishing to speak with an officer is advised to use the yellow phone outside the police station, as this connects directly to the Contact and Control Room.

Alternatively, call the non-emergency number on 101 or in an emergency dial 999.



Take some time to think about security as the clocks go forward


With the clocks going forward this weekend, householders across Norfolk are being urged not to make it easy for potential thieves.

Officers are advising people to pay extra attention to home, bike and vehicle security with the onset of lighter nights – often seen as an opportunist time for this type of crime.

Norfolk Constabulary offers the following advice to residents:


Always lock your windows when you leave the house.

Remove the keys and keep them in a safe place. However, everyone should know where the keys are kept so they can escape in an emergency.


Keep your front and back doors locked or in view when you are at home.

Use or consider fitting a door chain and spy hole – a chain allows you to speak to the caller without opening the door fully and the spy hole also you to see who is at the door.

Fit five lever mortice locks to all external doors.

Check your cylinder locks on patio/plastic doors and ensure they are snap and bump resistant – a local Master Locksmith can advise if you are not sure.


Never leave a spare key in a convenient hiding place such as under the doormat, burglars know all the usual hiding places.

Never leave your house or car keys in or near a door or window.

Attention should also be paid to the security of sheds and garages and to the property stored within.

Parked cars – especially those left in remote areas such as beauty spots – should be left locked and secure with no property left on display and satellite navigation devices, car audio equipment, cameras, handbags and laptops should be removed from the vehicle entirely.

Bikes should always be left secure, using a sturdy lock covering the bike stand, wheel rim and frame together.

People attending large scale events or out and about in busy areas should be mindful of thieves and keep handbags closed and mobile phones out of sight and kept securely on their person.

The clocks go forward on Sunday 27 March 2016.

Anyone with information about thieves operating in their area should contact Norfolk Constabulary on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111.



Police Connect


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The full service will be resumed as soon as possible.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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Message from Chief Inspector Paul Wheatley


Attached is a poster sent through from Norfolk Police highlighting the increase in bogus callers to our properties and distraction burglaries.

If you would like a copy of this poster for perhaps your club or place of work please let me know and I would be happy to print one off.

Distraction Burglary Jean A4 Poster 1-16


Police connet message 10th March 16


The following is a Police Connect message


The following is a Police Connect message.

The following is a local policing update for the Attleborough neighbourhood

Weekly crime summary 21 December 2015

Norfolk Police urge communities to think about home security and extend the ‘gift of safety’ to vulnerable people this Christmas

Police in Norfolk are asking residents to give the ‘gift of safety’ this Christmas, by looking out for vulnerable relatives and neighbours, in addition to thinking about their own home security.

At this time of year some people may feel more vulnerable as it gets darker earlier and they may feel more confined to their homes, having less interaction with family, friends and neighbours.

By taking the time to check on the welfare of someone you know that may be in that situation you can give them the reassurance that they are not alone and help to make them feel safe.

Checking that they have good home security measures and procedures in place will help make them less likely to be a victim of crime. This includes ensuring that they have adequate physical security such as robust door and window locks and that they routinely keep them secured.

Police are reminding all residents to use the ‘close it, lock it, check it’ system for home security, double checking that windows and doors are properly secured to help prevent burglary.

With the festive period approaching Norfolk Police also want to remind residents not to advertise their homes to thieves by leaving their property in darkness.

A house left in total darkness is an advertisement that the property is empty, Leaving a light on is effective in making burglars think twice. It may be worth investing in timer switches which can be fitted to lights and radios, especially if you are planning on being away over the festive period.

Do also make sure that ladders or tools are not left insecure in your garden as these can be used to break into a property.

Lastly, do of course double check that all your doors and windows are properly locked.

Police rely heavily on information from members of the public about crimes being committed. Officers continue to encourage everyone to remain vigilant to suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods, reporting anything they see or hear that seems out of place and help our communities to have a safe, crime-free Christmas.

If you believe a crime is in progress you are asked to call the police immediately on 999. For less urgent matters call 101.

Police Connect

Please be aware that there will be no weekly Police Connect updates over the Christmas period, however, any urgent issues will still be communicated.

Weekly updates will return from the week commencing 4 January 2016.

News, appeals and information can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.norfolk.police.uk

Message from Chief Inspector Paul Wheatley

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The following is a Police Connect message