Dear All,


Liz Mould, Steve Askew and myself had a further meeting last week with Norfolk County Council representatives, they have presented 6 possible options to the Parish Council for submitting to the EDT Committee in September,  all the options presented gave their advantages and disadvantages, not only to the village but to local businesses, haulage companies and neighbouring communities.


After much discussion and careful deliberation  it was decided that a proposal for a 18 tonn weight restriction along B1111, the junctions at the A11 and A1066 will be submitted to the committee.


This could see a decrease of approx. 100 HGVs per day through the village,  and would be the most practical way of balancing concerns of local residents with businesses and other potentially affected areas.


Nothing of course is definite at this stage and has to agreed by the EDT committee, a 6 month trial period is going to be recommended for this option.


The committee meets on Friday 16th September at County Hall as before,  I will let you have the time once the agenda has been posted if you are able to join us.


We hope to get as much great support as we did back in March.


Keep everything crossed !!


Best wishes,





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