Thank you to all of you who attended yesterdays meeting at County Hall,  it was great to see so many faces.
For those who couldn’t make it, I have asked Steve Askew to summarise the outcome of the meeting which is below,  if you could please pass this onto to anyone who would be interested but does not have email access.
From this day onwards we shall be asking for regular updates on how the committee is progressing with their investigations so we are not forgotten about and put at the bottom of someone’s to do list !
As soon as we have anything to report I will be back in touch,  the Parish Council will of course continue to take our traffic issues very seriously and  I will be making contact with the local farms regarding the driving standards of their tractor/trailer drivers.  Mounting the pavements, using mobile phones and their speed are the main issues.
Please do of course get in touch if you have any other concerns,   Community Speed Watch should be up and running again before Easter,  we have had issues with the radar gun so haven’t been able to patrol for the past few weeks,
On behalf of the Parish Council thank you so much for all of your support.
Kind regards,
Hi Kate,

Thank you for your phone message.

Just to clarify the position, at yesterday’s EDT committee meeting the committee instructed the officers to investigate  and bring back to committee a paper with options and recommendations with a view to improve the situation re HGV’s on the B1111. This is good news and pleasing that it was a unanimous decision from members.

What happens now is that officers will look at many aspects of what it would mean if access was limited and what the impact would be on the road network and other areas such as Thetford, the 1075 etc, consult with road haulage bodies such as Road Haulage association (RHA) and haulage companies. This will involve some time and money so with all the funding constraints we are fortunate to get this on the agenda.

I must stress that this  by NO MEANS guarantees that a ban on through  traffic will be implemented  or there will be any change to the status quo. At this point in time we have taken one step further in the process.

Officers will bring a paper back to EDT committee sometime later this year. According to Tom McCabe, he would guess it would be sometime in the Autumn but it could take longer. The paper will give options with a recommendation to the committee based on their professional opinion from the investigations and findings. It will then be for the committee to decide the course of action.

I would urge a huge degree of caution at this stage and wouldn’t want to raise expectations? I think it was regrettable that the chairman gave an officer an opportunity to address the committee prior to the presentation as it gave me a negative impression of their intentions before they had even heard the presentation.

That said however, there is cause for optimism as the members were largely in agreement that the situation needed addressing.


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