Our latest news is, that the subject of a re route has been submitted and is now on the agenda for the EDT (Environment, Development & Transport) Committee for the March 11th meeting at County Hall, the motion will be discussed and voted on at that meeting. If the Council agree the motion will be carried forward and action will be taken by Norfolk County Council ! Members of the public are invited to sit in the gallery although not permitted to speak. If you would like to attend the meeting it starts at 10am and there will be members of Harling Parish Council there in the gallery, it would really show how serious we are if we could get a good turnout from the village in the gallery.

If you could pass on this information to any friends, family who don’t have access to the internet although I will be putting an update on the notice board too.

This is the furthest the Council has ever got in its 30 years of fighting the lorries so thank you all for your support.

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