The following is a Police Connect message.
We have recently been advised that some members of the public are receiving an email that is designed to scare or entice them into reading the email and to then open an attachment.

The email claims to be a penalty charge notification with the subject along the lines of: ‘Invoice for IA20122439 (random numbers but all appear to commence ‘IA’)’

These emails appear to be sent from random senders and they contain a malicious Word doc or Excel XLS spreadsheet attachment. If the attachment is opened, it will download various Trojans and password stealers which will encrypt all data on the end device and demand the user pays a ransom.

An example of the content of the email is as follows:
Subject: Invoice for IA20122439

To Whom It May Concern,

Please find attached an invoice relating to Penalty Charge Notice Number IA01791153 along with a copy of the contravention.
In order to prevent this fine from escalating further we have paid this fine on your behalf. Should you have any queries concerning these charges please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Payment for this invoice will be taken by Direct Debit 9 working days from the date of this email.
Please refer to page 2, point 3.6 in your Terms and Conditions for information on Traffic Offences.

All the alleged senders, companies, names of employees and phone numbers mentioned in these emails may be innocent and are just picked at random by the criminals who are generating these emails. Some of these companies will exist and some won’t.
These people and companies have had their details spoofed and picked at random from a long list that the criminals have acquired. They choose companies, government departments and other organisations with subjects that are designed to entice or alarm a person into blindly opening the attachment or clicking the link in the email to see what is happening.
These emails are a scam and any one receiving one of these should not open the attachment, the email should be deleted immediately from your inbox, and then delete it from your deleted items folder.

For further advice in relation to emails such as this please visit the Action Fraud website at http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/fraud-az-phishing

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