Why it’s important to clean up after your dog
Not only is dog mess unpleasant, it is human health hazard. The biggest threat to public health is toxocariasis – an infection caused by worms commonly found in dogs intestines. .
Dog faeces can contain the eggs of the Toxocara worm (a type of round worm). Humans can become infected by accidentally ingesting worm eggs or by eating food that is contaminated with soil containing the eggs. One of the major forms of toxocariasis (the condition the Tococara worm can cause) is damage to the eye – reducing vision and in some cases causing blindness.

If you fail to clean up after your dog, you could be issued a fixed penalty notice of £50. The maximum penalty for committing an offence is £1,000 in a magistrate’s court.
Dog mess is a public health hazard
Bag it! Bin it!

If you see anyone failing to pick up after their dog, report this to either the Parish Clerk or the Dog Warden, you don’t have to know their name or address, just a description of owner, their dog, the location and any other relevant details. The Dog Warden will track them down.
Parish Clerk – 01953 714656
Dog Warden – 01362 858500

All calls will be treated in confidence

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